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Neopets Help


Neopets premium is a service where you pay in monthly or yearly subscriptions of: $7.99 per month
$69.99 per year

By paying these you get certain things on the neopets site, for different services you get different things.

For $7.99 a month you get:
7,500np for signing up

1000np every month you keep it

The "neomail addict" avatar

The neopets portal customizable web page

Your own neopets webmail adress eg.
"your username"

A space faerie scratchcard exclusive to neopets premium every friday

More somthing has happened events

A codestone for joining

The premium message boards

Stealth status option

And an awsome referal program

All of that can be youres for only $7.99

$69.99 a year package

10,000np and all of the above


To pay for these you must have a valid credit card or paypal account, or you can use somebody elses IF they agree to it :)

If you want neopets premium then please Neomail the neopets account tomgolbourn for an invite.