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Bloodstock '02


UK metal festival

Oz was working with Balance of Power so me and my mum got passes
for the whole show. It was awesome ! BOP were so nice to me. They
called me Mini Metalhead ! Biomechanical were there too. They are
great band and really nice. Best of all was meeting Gamma Ray. I thought
my mum would faint when we met Kai in the corridor ! Dirk had his son
with him and we both had our Gameboys with us and we are the same age.
It was cool to meet them and they were all so nice too. They smile so much
it makes everyone feel good and smile too, on  stage as well.  
My mum said it would take her a week to wipe the smile off her face when they finished :o) 

Gamma Ray


Me and my mum with Kai Hansen. WoW !!

This is me and my mum with Kai in the Green Room. We met Kai in one of the corridors trying to find it. It was like Spinal Tap ,where we had to go through all these doors and stuff and finally through the kitchen ?
When we got there Kai said it wasn't Green and made some jokes with
us and when he signed my mum's Helloween cd Dirk told us they were
going to play Ride The Sky. It's one of our favourites. 

The way to the Green Room......Very Spinal Tap !

Balance of Power


In the dressing room with Balance of Power
I had a great time. Thanks guys !

Lance gets close to the edge!

BOP signing autographs in the KFC after the show

Rock n Roll on 2003 !